vP-4 MKII Wireless Footpedal


Note: Only available to be shipped from the USA

Windows + OSX compatible:

Reliable Switching – uses the same switches that are used in of thousands of vP-1’s.
Reliable Wireless – Blue tooth 4.0  LE

Compatibility –  vPedal / Alternate Switch, allows for compatibility with a broad range of software. Tested on Windows10 + the latest version of Apple OSX
New Features –  “Keyboard Mode” – Right / Left click your mouse with your foot wirelessly (so if you suffer carpal tunnel ) or you can turn multipage PDF ‘s – no extra software required.

Can be compatible with Android OS ( KitKat & above + B/T 4.0 device) using Keyboard Master App
Endurance – LED On / Off – Once you have configured, switch for to increase battery life.
For IOS  / YouTube compatibility please click here
vP-4 first time install instructions – pls click this link

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MKII is the product of years of real life experience and R&D.

Gamepad Mode: When Gamepad mode vPedal is selected, the pedal will send

left pedal << = joystick button 1
center pedal > = joystick buttons 1+2
right pedal >> = joystick button 2

or when Gamepad mode Alternate is selected, the pedal will send

left pedal << = joystick button 1
center pedal > = joystick button 2
right pedal >> = joystick button 3

Keyboard Mode: When KB mode is selected the pedal will send either Page UP / Down –  Arrow Left / Right – Arrow Up / Down – Mouse Button Left / Right or Space / Enter via the Left + Right Pedals, depending upon the selected switch. NOTE: the Centre Pedal is NOT Active in Keyboard mode. ( this has been changed in the IOS version )
Bluetooth Wireless: the wireless transmitter has a range of up to 3 meters, powered by three AA batteries.
Compatibility: Tested on both PCs / Macs and is compatible with all the current operating systems on both platforms plus it has FCC + CE certification.
Battery Performance: vP-4 MKII includes a power management system that switches into low power mode during periods of inactivity.

Plus a Low Battery LED that tells you its time to replace the batteries.

Wireless link reset: The Wireless link may need a reset if pc goes into sleep / hibernate mode

To reset the wireless link you just unplug & then re plug in the usb receiver dongle > it takes just a few seconds.

To test ~ press on the centre of the Footpedal / transmitter and you should see the a red light flash at the same time on the usb dongle / receiver.

Wireless  Tech = Bluetooth 4.0 LE ~ 3m approx range 3 X AA batteries – (Can be used with high quality rechargeable batteries)

We only use Japanese high quality Omron micro switch’s ( rated life @ 10,000,000 operations)
vPedals carry a 6 month manufacturers warranty (from date of purchase) on manufacturer’s defects only,  not on general wear and tear.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 2 in