Streaming Media ~ how to using wmp 11 &” WMRecorder 12″

1. Open the Wmrecorder

















2. Open WMP11 > Tools > options > performance network buffering set

buffer for 60 seconds of content > apply > ok (you will only need do this once )

3. In WMP11 > File > open Url

4. as an example > paste http://sm1.cbn.org/archive/club/700Club031908_h.wmv ( or any streamed media source )

5. Wmrecorder should start recording > wmp11 will buffer & then start playing > I was able to start / stop (with back> seconds step) with out it jumping back right to the start of the file (> the rewind + fast forward will not work ) but it seemed very useable even the varispeed works

When you have finished with WMP11 you need to close the file > File Close or Crtrl+W

6. The Wmrecorder will make a copy of the files that you can load into wmp11 again at a later date if you wish without having to download the file again pls the rewind + fast forward will now operate.

Setup Tip:

If you are linking to Streamed Media content only the “play / pause” control will operate until ALL of the file has been buffered. Then the pause back / rewind & fast forward controls will begin to operate

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