Express Activate – Mac

To Active the software

Go to Step 2: Activate Serial Number – click on the “Activate Online” URL

You will be taken to the NCH website and type in “License Serial Number ” using the 12 digit number supplied

After you have clicked the “Activate Software license” button you will be sent an email with information you need to complete the activation of your copy of Express Dictate on your mac.

Now go to Step 3: Enter the License Details

Please remember that for the field “Name (or Business Name):” you must input the user name that appears on the registration.

Similarly the email address that appears on the registration must be entered into the “Email:” field

Please make sure that you save this information in a safe place – it will be required again  if you ever need to reinstall the software again.

vPedal has no control over the terms of use and the conditions of use these are controlled soley by NCH.

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