Express Scribe – setup for Mac

Firstly please download a copy of Express Scribe >

the .dmg installer should be on your desktop

Open the Express Scribe .dmg installer and Drag the Scribe Icon into Applications folder

Starting Express Scribe the first time you will be asked a security question

you will then be asked if you want to install Extras with Express Scribe

to configure your vPedal to work with Express Scribe – click on Preferences

next click on Pedals

in the Pedals  > tick enable foot pedal controller > then click the Controller setup wizard…

vPedal & Express Scribe are now ready to go…

Tip:  To enable the auto back step > go to the Preferences / Playback ~ 1000ms = 1 second

Tip: Enable tap lock if you don’t want to hold the pedal down continuously to play / rewind / fast forward etc…

Tip: The pedal icon glows green when the vPedal is connected

Tip:  To import sound files from a CD/DVD

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