Google Chrome + Firefox with the vPedals

Page updated: June 2014

“The Web Gamepad API presents a new way for web  developers, as well as interaction designers, to access and use gamepads and other controllers.”

vPedals are visable to the HTML5 draft standard gamepad api which are now part of the latest standard builds of Firefox (ver 30.0) + Chrome (ver 35.0) on  PC + OSX

Firefox + Chrome:

vp1 in firefox1
< test page


Currently vPedal are NOT visable to the MS IE DEv Channel  gamepad api but we are working with MS to hopefully fix this. < test page

Using the vPedalax.ocx with Google Chrome + FireFox

This works with windows 7 + 8

We have found that to use the SDK with Chrome and FireFox you will need to install an extension:

Go to then choose the browser you are using



(for Chrome) IE Tab Multi

win8 plug-ins

Please follow the install instructions provided by the installers of either of the extensions

You can now download install the vPedal API / SDK

Plug-in your vPedal

Load a sound / video file into the webpage – click on the refresh button to load the

ie plug-in 3

ie plug-in

You then load the  “vPedalSDKIEExample.htm”  page and then click on the IPA icon ( on the right hand side of the browser ) which then reloads the page in an IE mode in Chrome.

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