OSX / Mac Express Scribe Install

Download & install Exprsss Scibe from NCN

Go To Preferences > Control > Controller setup wizard

if you have a vPedal vP-4 MKII
if you have vPedal vP-1

press Next and except all the default settings

Also you need to allow

unlock & tick ExpressScribe > then close the lock

Extra Tips:

If you are using a vP-4 MKII pls ensure that

Gamepad / Keyboard slide switch is set to Gamepad

vPedal / Alternate Mode slide switch is set to vPedal mode

When vPedal Mode – is enabled

  • left pedal << = joystick button 1
  • centre pedal > = joystick buttons 1+2
  • right pedal >> = joystick button 2