vP-1 USB pedal (3 Switch )


This is the most popular vPedal

Windows + OSX compatible:

designed to connect to a computer using the USB port on your computer, using high quality micro switches

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What is the vPedal advantage?

vP-1 can be used  with Windows Media Player ( *using our free plugins ) – the default media player for windows , or paid versions  of Express Scribe , iScribe, Dictation Buddy, InqScribe.

Or on OSX using our Omni control you can control the play back of  – iTunes / Quicktime etc.

vPedal Widows Media Player - how to - Youtube



vP-1 as indeed all of the vPedal footpedals can be used as a cost effective replacement for cassette based transcription systems.

Also available is  a HotKey Application which will allows the foot pedal to send keyboard commands to any Windows Application.

Suggested Users:

Lawyers – Police Intercept Audio CD’s By using Windows Media plug in you can help you speed the transcription of audio directly from audio Cd’s Data Entry Operators By using the HotKey Application to send the TAB key command, vPedal’s can be used to speed data entry – in Access, Excel or any data entry application.

Journalist – Interviews Enabling you to playback & capture those key points

Business Professionals – Dictation on the run E-mail MP3 dictation files using the Internet – and then, that all your transcriptionist requires is windows Media Player. Perfect for Professionals who need to record, transmit, and transcribe.

Students – @ lectures Record using your vDictate unit or a Mp3 player – then playback those salient points

General-Purpose Office Transcription: Use the vPedal and your PC to record dialogue, then transcribe it using a word processor with the vPedal Media Player Plugin installed into WMP allows you to back up, fast forward, and replay sections of the speech you missed, in precisely controlled increments.

Works in the background / minimized

We only use Japanese high quality Omron micro switch’s ( rated life @ 10,000,000 operations)
vPedals carry a 6 month manufacturers warranty (from date of purchase) on manufacturer’s defects only,  not on general wear and tear.




Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5.5 × 2 in

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