OSX – Joystick & Gamepad Test – 2020

Currently the best way to test your vPedal with OSX is to install Google Chrome – it supports the gamepad api

navigate to > html5gamepad.com

plugin your vPedal >  then press the middle pedal  > NOTE: the webpage WILL NOTE show any information until you have pressed the centre pedal

in the image above

B0 B1  show the middle pedal has pressed also it shows

General info Galy USB…etc


Don’t use this application since doesn’t currently work with OSX Catalina

This application a be used to trouble shoot your vPedal

1 download the app – from download.com

2. follow the setup instructions for the Joystick & Gamepad Tester

select Galy USB Joystick

center pedal pressed - buttons #1+ #2

left pedal pressed - button #1

right pedal pressed - button #2

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