Convert wmv to mov

the issue:

” When running a file that has .wmv at the end of it I notice that when I lift my foot up and then press it back down to continue that the sound disappears. I have to
sometimes  press the pedal several times to get it to go and then other times I
have to rewind to continue on…..”

a solution: ( a work around )

“This is a file format issue >  wmv isn’t supported directly by Apple….”

Download and Install Flip4Mac from MS > ( this is no longer freeware – sorry )

the old freeware version

Flip4Mac – ( ver – no guarantees this will work with current versions of OSX)

Open the wmv file in Flip Player > then export / convert the file into a .mov



“Then you can use Quicktime to playback the file with vPedal Omni configured to control quicktime”