vPedal is based in Australia so there are many time zone issues. We will attempt to answer queries in a timely fashion. Please include the information requested in the 8 items below BEFORE you email us.

Also please ensure that no extra programmes / plug-ins which interact with a footpedal are installed.. ( this has caused many issues )

1. “Proof of Purchase” information from vPedal > such as > invoice number / cart number / Paypal / worldpay transaction number etc.

2. What kind of vPedal did you purchase – games, serial port or usb?

3. What is the configuration of your computer? – (on PC > to find out > go to start > settings>control panel > system > general)

4. How much memory ?

5. What kind of cpu ( pentium I etc) ?

6. What version of operating system, Windows 7 /10 / OSX

7. What steps have you already taken to troubleshoot your issue? ( i.e. trying the vPedal on another computer….. if possible)

8. A description of your issue.

Send email


Limited Telephone pre-sale support is avalable via our US based reseller.


Shorthand Writers: if you purchased a vPedal from Stenograph Corp

the support number is 1.800.323.4247 x7502. or Email them

We don’t have a copy of CaseCatylist and as such are not in a position to help you with your issues.

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