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 Tested on OSX 10.13 (High Seirra)

Click here for a Short “How to” Video – OSX

Click here for the longer / older version “How to” OSX 10.5.X

Note: whilst this video was created on an older version of OSX  (ver 10.5.X)  all of the information which relates to how to configure Omni Control to work with various applications remains unchanged, or see the “How to” instructions below.

 June 2016 – Note:  the latest version of iTunes has fixed the issue playback with

Omni > Otheror an alternate  work around is to use Quicktime

or click here to download the earlier version of iTunes ( OSX was good  )

vPedal Omni Control 2018

Note: This is an rewritten / updated version of Omni – released May 2018, and has been renamed as  “Omni Control”. This version supports also all the current vPedals ( fix’s the triggering issue)

OmniControl How to Video on Youtube

Control Quicktime Player X ~ Quicktime 7/ iTunes / Pro- tools & more

Download and save “OmniControl 2018.zip” (414.kb) to your desktop ( and install )

if the message below is displayed after you download OmniControl

cant be opened

Go to > System Preferences  > Security + Privacy

goto sys prefs

system prefs osx

allow Omnicontrol to Open Anyway

security privacy osx

you may have to unlock the lock on the left hand side bottom of the page

omni control on the desktop

when you “Allow Anyway” an Icon is created on the desktop > click on the icon on the desktop to start OmniControl

keep in dock osx

when OmniControl is in the taskbar it is operating > Options > Keep in Dock

Install tip:

If you change the setting back to “Mac app + identified developer” right after installing, BUT before opening the app from the dock.  you will ended up getting the  message that “Omni control couldn’t be opened”. BUT keeping the “anywhere” setting until after opening the app for the first time allows for the successful install .  Then after it’s opened, the security setting could be changed back to “Mac app + identified developer”

NOTE: Omni acts as “the glue” between the vPedal hardware & the software on your Mac, it must be running in the dock for it to work. It can control

How to “Quicktime”

The QuickTime Player panel allows you to change the Pause Back Time ( i.e. the amount of time that the plugin automatically rewinds when you lift your foot off the pedal )

You can also effect the speed of both the fast forward & rewind

Plus Varispeed – great for Transcription

How to “iTunes”

The iTunes preference panel allows you to change the Pause Back Time. ( i.e. the amount of time that the plugin automatically rewinds when you lift your foot off the pedal )

The Fast Forward & Rewind speed adjustments are disabled in the vPedal iTunes preference panel ( they are hard programmed in iTunes to move in 5 second increments.)

How to “Other”

The “Other” preference panel allows you to add “other” applications to Omni. Those Hotkey Command Key combinations will have to be set by you ( because every application is differant ).

By clicking on the add button you can then choose the application you want to control with your vPedal. Once you have chosen the application, you then use the Pedal Designations to map the commands that will be sent by the vPedal when you press Rewind / Play or Fast-Forward. . You can add many “other” applications

Note: Playback of .wmv files

If you need to playback .wmv files you need install the Flip4mac plug-in for Quicktime

 please click here

Note: Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks

 Omni requires you to “enable access for assistive devices”  You’ll find it in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. Unlike previous versions of OS X, which used a universal checkbox in an “all or nothing” approach, the new functionality in Mavericks allows users to individually choose which apps can gain control of the system to perform their various scripted functions

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.45.44 am


Older Versions

vPedal Omni v2.6.1

Download and save “Omni 2.6.1.zip” to your desktop ( and install )

This patch was designed to resolve the “vPedal quit unexpectedly” issue.

Please remove any old versions of Omni before you install this update.

i.e. drag the old version into the recycling bin

To have Omni launch at startup > Click on the vPedal Icon in the Dock and hold the mouse button > Options> tick Open at Login

Quicktime 7

NOTE: ~ QT7 isn’t installed by default by OSX10.7 it uses Quicktime Player X this can be an issue for some users because the transport controls in Quicktime Player X fade out after a few seconds – causing the timecode display to disappear you can install QT7 as per the instructions on the apple support site > http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3678 from the OSX10.6 DVD

old versions of quicktime are available from:




If QuickTime Player (version 10) doesn’t work with your older media formats or workflows, the legacy QuickTime Player 7 may help.

  1. Make sure that you’re using Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.3 or later.
  2. Download QuickTime Player 7, then double-click the downloaded file to open it.
  3. Double-click QuickTimePlayer7.6.6_SnowLeopard.pkg and follow the onscreen instructions. The installer puts QuickTime Player 7 in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.

OSX 10.5

if you still use OSX 10.5 download and save ” Omni_v2.4.dmg ” for to your desktop

Double click to mount the inside the disk image ( dmg ), it will request that you add the vPedal programme into the applications directory of your hard drive. You then need to double click on the vPedal Icon to start the application, it will be running in the Dock

Once Installed the Omni Application Icon is in the dock. By holding down your mouse button you can quickly swap between the applications you are controling with your vPedal & also you can access the various preference panels as seen below.


You will want to have the Omni Application to launch when your computer starts up

Select menu item: Apple Menu > System Preferences.

Click on the Show All icon to ensure all preferences are visible.

Personal > Single click on the Login Items icon.

Select the Login Items tab. Select the Add button.

Select your preferred item and hit the Open button.

Quit the System Preferences application by selecting menu item: System Prefs > Quit System Prefs. > Restart your Mac.


developed by ” Gary Fielke” of www.trixsoftware.com


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