Winamp Install

Update: May 2014 ~ Successfully Tested  ~ Windows 8.1  64bit  + Winamp 5.666


Click on the link to Download “” > 6/6/2011 updated to ver 1.5

Unzip – links to 7zip a free archiving application

and then run the installer

select Nullsoft Winamp

move the scroll bar down until you see V-Pedal in the Device Plug ins

tick the box


After you have installed RMX the next time you open Winamp

The RMX plug in will also launch – it will be available in the right hand side of the task bar

( the blue X is the RMX icon)

rmx win8.1 5

if you then right click on your mouse it will bring up the Configure / Console dialog box

( as shown below)

The “Configure ” window will open then click on V-Pedal

Click on Play – Assign Function -as above

The Assign Function window will open –

Click on [NONE] then choose Playback > Play/Pause > then click OK – as above

for Rewind & Fast Forward set the Assign Function window to [DEFAULT]

it should like the image above – then click on the Red X to close the RMX Configuration window

uninstall tips

if you need to uninstall > Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs

find the RMX Automation option > Remove

or conversely, the rmx_uninstaller is located in the plugins directory of Winamp

Winamp enhancements:

A pack of plug-ins we at Winamp can’t live without!

This is a pack of plug-ins by the people who work on Winamp. We can’t live without these plug-ins and now you won’t have to either. We will update this pack for each major Winamp release. Included in Winamp Essentials 5.62 are: Ogg Vorbis Encoder, Apple Lossless (alac) Decoder, WavPack Decoder, Waveform Wrapper, Lite-n Winamp Preferences, ML Enqueue & Play, Time Restore & Autoplay, Skin Manager, Album Art Viewer, Playlist Undo, Find File On Disk, Unicode Taskbar Fixer & much more. Please note you must have Winamp version 5.62 or above to use this plug-in pack.

the Winamp Essentials ( a hosted download from Softpedia ) Download & Install



RMX is freeware with special thanks to

” Vince Milum Jr aka Darkain Dragoon”

please donate to him if you end up using this plug-in commercially

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