Games Port

Pls note:
that support for the Games Port is very limited ~ it is acknowledged
as part of the”Legacy Ports” on a PC so many of the vPedal Plug-ins don’t work

The first thing you need to do, once you have plugged the vPedal into the Games port on the back of your Computer, is to ensure that the Joystick has been enabled in your hardware.

 Hardware Setup:

Click on Start > Select Settings > Control Panel



Select Game Controllers



Click on the Add button to install the joystick



Select 2-axis , 2- button joystick




Once selected, it should look like the above



Click on Advanced to bring up the above window



Click on the Test tab







When you press the “Centre – Play – > ” portion of the connected vPedal the display should look like the above with both of the Buttons 1 & 2 lit up



Press the ” Forward – Right side – >> ” of the vPedal the Button indicator number 2 should be lit

Press the ” Backward – Leftside – <<” of the vPedal, the Button indicator number 1 should be lit.

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