FTR Gold 6.20

NOTE: FTR withdrew inbuilt support for vPedals after FTR GOLD version v2.1 . (maybe they wanted to sell more FTR branded pedals).

BUT WE HAVE A WORKAROUND using a third party app –  Pedable

This has been tested on Windows 10 + FTR Gold 6.2.0

How to Video

Download  > Unzip >  Install Pedable – its free >


pedable-9Open Pedable > Options >  Foot Pedal Setup

pedable-6Pedal Type: GamePort or USB1 –  Number of Pedals:  3

Then click on the Foot Pedal Setup > it will ask you to press the fast forward > rewind > play

Then  configure Pedable to send the key strokes:

you can now minimize Pedable.

Then open FTR player  + properties




For Play/ Stop = Ctrl + Alt+ Num 5 ( MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NUM LOCK on your keyboard  IS OFF)

Then set jump hotkeys: Ctrl+Alt+Up




Then set the jump interval:


Allows you to transcribe with word open + ftr in the background

Thanks to NCH for this application

Legacy Info Below: v2.1

Trouble shooting tip #1 ( FTR Gold: )

If you want the to reverse the way that the Fast Forward + Rewind pedals operate you can download and install, these registry settings

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FTR\FTR Gold\2.0\Playerpanel]

“Selected Field”=dword:00000001


“Joystick Stop”=dword:00000000

“Joystick FastForward”=dword:00000002

“Joystick Rewind”=dword:00000001

“Joystick Play”=dword:00000003

Trouble shooting tip #2 ( FTR Gold: )

If you are unable to get the FTR player to respond to the vpedal please open the Games Controller ( My Computer > Control Panel > Games controller) click on the add button “add 2-axis, 2- button joystick” so it looks like the high lighted part of the image below

Games port & USB versions of Vpedal’s are seen by windows as Joysticks and are shown that way by the system information image below.

To access the screen above you click on the word FTR Gold in the top left hand part of the player ( as shown below ) then click on the system info button.

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