vPedals are Windows 10 compatible


Win 8.1 requires a registry update.


vPedal suggests that you use the Windows Media Player – for PC

or vPedal OMNI – for MAC

 in May 2012 NCH Software revised the Free version of Express Scribe to work only with an AltoEdge Products.

vPedals, still work however, with the licensed version of Express Scribe.

 PC – Hardware Installation info:

vP-1 Install – 3 Switch USB Footpedal

vP-4 MKII – IOSreleased 2017

vP-4 MKII Install – Blue Tooth LE Footpedal

or  vP-4 (legacy information)

vDictate Install – USB Dictation Controler

• Software

Windows Media Player 11 plug-in – installed on millions of pcs – its free

 Apple Quicktime Assistant – its free – this allows the playback of caf audio files

Opus Codec for WMP

HotKey Application–  its free

JoyToKeyits free

iTunes – Pc – its free 

Winamp Plug-in – its free

RealPlayer Plug-in –  its free

Telestream – CaptionMaker

Express Scribe ~ Setup Instructions

FTR Gold

vDictate Hardware Install

vDictate Software Install

Virtual Machines


Windows 8.1 – Tips 

Windows 8.1 – Fix

Windows 8.1 – Connects then disconnects your vDictate

OSX Support

vPedal Omni – its free

Joystick test for OSX – its free

OSX 10.9 Mavericks

OSX NCH Express Scribe

vDictate OSX Hardware Install

vDictate OSX Software Install

vDictate OSX patch – iTunes


Mac VLC – how to

Transcriva – Transcriva setup

Express Scribe ~ setup for Mac

Using Flip 4 Mac to convert wmv to mov

YouTube playback using Safari

Alt iTunes / Music Omni Control Method

How to Revert back to an earlier version of OSX


vPedalPlayer – its free

Chrome OS

Google Chromebook


How to – Mobile Phone Audio ~ AMR

How to – CD’s – Audio

How to – Streaming Audio

How to – DVD’s – Video Working with DVD Content

How to – WMRecoder

How to – StenoCat

vMware Support

How to – Chrome + FireFox

How to – Reaper to work with a vPedal


Serial Port Install – Legacy Port

Games Port Install – Legacy Port


vPedal Windows API

vPedal OSX API


vPedal Certifications ~ FCC + CE + ROHS + C-tick + Barcodes

Using Firefox + Chrome Gamepad API with vPedal

Telephone support via our US based reseller.

Shorthand Writers: if you purchased a vPedal from Stenograph Corp

the support number is 1.800.323.4247 x7502. or Email them

We don’t have a copy of CaseCatylist and as such are not in a position to help you with your issues.


Unsupported Software

We have tried to get support for vPedals from these companies but have been unsuccessful so far. Please contact them & urge them to include support for vPedals in the next version of their software.

Winscribe, Quickscribe, Dictaphone


Email us

Please include the information requested in the 8 items below BEFORE you email us.

1. “Proof of Purchase” information from vPedal > such as > invoice number / cart number / worldpay transaction number etc.

2. What kind of vPedal did you purchase – games, serial port or usb?

3. What is the configuration of your computer? – (on PC > to find out > go to start > settings>control panel > system > general)

4. How much memory ?

5. What kind of cpu ( pentium I etc) ?

6. What version of operating system, WIN10 /Win7/ OSX etc..

7. What steps have you already taken to troubleshoot your issue? ( i.e. trying the vPedal on another computer….. if possible)

8. A description of your issue.

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