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( in May 2012 NCH Software revised the Free version of Express Scribe to work only with an AltoEdge Product. vPedals, still work with the licensed version of Express Scribe.  )

vPedal suggests that you use the vPedal Media Player its free

the information below is provided as a courtesy

This is a three stage process.

Firstly ensuring that the pedal is talking properly to windows & then making sure that vPedal is talking with Express Scribe ( it doesn’t straight out of the box).

setup video – pc
How to Video – ( Windows Media Video) – Windows XP
approx 1:30 min – 1 meg
The video restates the instructions listed below



Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Stage 2 USB setup:

Gaming Options / Game Controllers

Click on Add… enable Galy USB Joystick (as above)

Click on Properties > Test > Press “Play” – the display will light Buttons 1 + 2

( as above )

Press “Fast Forward” or “>>” – the display will light Button 2
( as above )

Press “Rewind” or “<<” – the display will light Button 1
( as above )
Your vPedal is now talking to windows

 Stage 3:

 Download and install NCH Express Scribe ( it was free )
express scribe (save to your desktop)
 Double click on the “essetup.exe” to start the installation


Express Scribe ver 5.20 back when it was free





Click on Options > Pedal and Hot Keys…. (as above)
Setup Tips:

If you want to set Auto – Back space (at install it is set to 0000 ~ 2000 = 2 seconds)


PC Express Scribe 5.20 – freeware version no longer supported by NCH

OSX Express Scribe 5.42 – freeware version no longer supported by NCH 

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